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01-28-2011, 12:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Jagr68NYR94Leetch View Post
Actually I wont consider him more. Do you look at the stats or do you just ignore them? Do you pay attention how Girardi has actually played this year? Fine let me enlighten you.

Seabrook: Age: 25....This season: 3 G 23 A 26 P -6 $3.5 million salary who is an RFA at the end of the year

Girardi; Age: 26....This season: 3 G 20 A 23 P +8 $3.3 million salary and locked up til age 30.

There stats the last few seasons are very similar. Seabrook has had the luxury of playing on a much more talented team. And like others have mentioned I'd wonder how he would look without his partner, Keith. They both log a lot of ice time. Theres just no incentive to make the deal.

LOL at your statements about gaborik and sharp.

First I have no clue what you mean by Gaborik's season last year "commands further review." He an elite forward in this league, one of the best snipers in the world. What review does it need? To see if each goal that he scored was legitimate? To see if he's a fluke player because I can assure you he's anything but.

And a consistent and developing Sharp? What consistency? He has been inconsistent his entire career. Or at least he has consistently been a 30 point player until the last few years. He's only recorded 60 points twice. He plays with some of the best forwards in the league. Who does gaborik play with? Oh yeah thats right a revolving door of forwards, who albeit have some talent, but are nowhere near the level of a Toews, Kane, or Hossa.

And developing Sharp? He's 29 YEARS OLD. In fact he;s a year older than Gaborik. What in the world are you talking about? LOL if he's still "developing" he's in trouble because he's going to be hitting the 30 mark soon.

Good you take sharp, go be a blackhawks fan. Or go take him in NHL 11. Anyone who would take sharp over gaborik needs to get their head examined. Gabs having the speed and shot is a helluva lot more valuable than whatever "everything else" means as to what sharp has to offer. Because Gaborik and the off year he is having will still score more goals than Sharp ever has in his career in a single season. Oh wait he was able to score 36 ONE YEAR. Gaborik might still come close to that. You want to be reminded how many times gaborik has scored 30? 6 times, two of which went on to be 40 goal seasons. One of those 40 goal seasons being last year.

My trade proposal wasnt realistic? I had said myself I wasnt sure if it was any good. But its not far off what Seabrook is truly worth. You want to over value the blackhawks players then go ahead. But some people here understand value and reality.
1) Seabrook + Girardi: no denying the stats are similar, I didn't say they weren't. I think Seabrook is an upgrade on offense, and equal on defense. The contract is obvious as you described. I believe we could sign this somewhat better D for slightly more, a 1 mil or so per more. I don't think we're screwed there. And if somebody goes nuts and offers a crazy # we don't match, like $6.5-7mil, then as an RFA, we still get some compensation. Yes, you're right that there is a risk, but it is a reasonable one.

2) Gaborik is the better player, on the strength of offensive potential for which he has a bonafide track record, but has not shown enough of this season. Sharp IS reasonably close ballpark value, across the board, seems to have slightly less wear and tear, better checking skills, and is a lot less $$$ (cap hit).

We have to agree to disagree.
I would like to see what people would put in on the X and Y which I asked for in the original post. That would make for some interesting material. I'm sure many NYR and CBH fans would continue to extremes, but I believe there may be middle ground.

Whether that middle ground is good enough for both teams to consider win-win is another story...

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