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Originally Posted by Duc620 View Post
Well no one addressed the issue of having skill players fight their own battles when necessary. Any comments on that idea? Or, do we all believe that fighting / running / chipping on a skill player is no longer an issue in the modern game?

With regards to refusal's to scrap: it's more like, "opposing tough guy / enforcer starts to run Brown, Doughty, etc. Westgarth is put on the ice. Runs slow down to manageable level. Offense starts up again." An actual fight is not always necessary. Clifford and Simmonds have won most of their scraps, but not all. One of the reasons they have done so is because opposing heavyweight's can't go after them. Again, you don't want skill in the box or injured.
That's why team love their enforcers - they take the injuries, the nicks, cuts, and damaged hands and wrists - that impede skill. I guess everyone here would prefer Brown fight his own battles, because, "he's supposed to be a POWER forward but he's a wuss". He's not soft. He's smart.

Our managers, coaches, and players all think Westgarth is necessary, that he helps them play better and with more confidence. Isn't their collective hockey knowledge and desire more important than trading or dropping Westgarth for another role player on the fourth line?
now your making a good argument

excellent point. It just seems that the golden day of NHL goons is over with.. but I will say.. I am scared ****less of Clifford having to drop against a pure heavyweight and getting creamed. That will teach Murray a lesson.

Both sides of this argument have real good opinions.. The only thing you cant argue.. is the teams record with and without Westgarth.. if it was just a game or 2.. or 3 or hell even 4 difference it would be alot easier to overlook.. but the team has a significantly better record when Westgarth is in the press box..

One way or another.. I just want this team to win damn it.

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