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Originally Posted by Buddy The Elf View Post
That is great and all but the players and coaches loved Derek Armstrong too. Should we bring him back? I mean really.

Ignoring the deal with the record with/without Westgarth, you have so many other facts staring you in the face that you are ignoring. Just look at JT's post. To ignore the other things that Ponikarovsky does is just silly. The guy was brought here to do other things besides score and he has played on the 3rd line for the most part which isn't exaclty and offensive role.

I'm sorry but I'm not worried about Jody (that is a girl's name btw) Shelley taking cheapshots on our players. I'm worried about the Matt Cooke's of the league who Clifford can very much handle.
Buddy, coupla' things:

We both know that this is a cats and dogs comparison. Armstrong was not loved for being an enforcer. So, no more straw cat or straw dog arguments. And you know I'm not arguing we have to keep every team BFF. This is an argument about philosophy: should the Kings have an enforcer? Should the Kings keep Westgarth as that enforcer?

I didn't discuss Poni... someone else made that comparison. I wouldn't compare Westgarth and Poni. Poni has much more skill and a terrible jab. Personally, I like the poni's. I just wish he could play a full season without getting injured a couple of times in the same 20 game stretch and going into that weird Russian funk during which nothing positive happens or ever can happen, and the empire collapses.

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