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Originally Posted by TBLfan View Post
Find yourself an Easton Ultralite. If you can find an older one, they're tanks, lightweight and perform pretty well. It's also a standard shaft so blades are readily available.

I've lost all interest in them after they changed to the solid color graphics, then later changed it to the ST. I feel that the greenish and earlier Ultralites were better. You'd be surprised how often they show up at places like play it again sports or craigslist.

When I need to do reviews of standard blades, I use a first-gen Ultralite.
Agreed. If you use a wood blade, the Ultralite is the way to go because it balances the stick very well.

I have an Ultralite and a one95 standard shaft, and the Ultralite feels lighter with the same wood blade because of its balancing.

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