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Originally Posted by Hardyvan123 View Post
He ended up 22nd on the last top 100 list on these boards here and although I think he might be overrated I have a pretty hard time finding any player ranked lower than him and saying that they were better than Messier overall.

25 seasons in the NHL (arguably better than the average NHL'er in 20 of those seasons) and his 6 cups and his scoring, which was still quite good after you adjust for era all make him around the 22nd best of all time in my books.
20 of 25? I dunno, I think it's even more. I'll give you his rookie year for sure, that's one. As for 1998-2001, there's no way a guy who averaged from 0.71 to 0.82 PPG in the dead puck era was below average. whether he was declining defensively or not, or losing his leadership abilities, or languishing on a bad team, or miscast as a first liner, he was an above average player.

that leaves his final three. double his 2002 season to 82 games and he has 46 points, right in line with the next two seasons. He was basically a "half a point a game" guy those years. Using 2004 as the example, he was actually the 91st-highest scoring forward in the NHL, so on most teams he would be the 3rd-highest scorer. Same thing as before; even if he was getting to be bad defensively, and got more opportunity by being on the bad Rangers, it's tough to argue that a guy who (yes, barely) posted 1st-line caliber point totals was below average.

I know we're on the same side here and it's nitpicky, but yeah, I don't think I'd say he was ever below average aside from 1980.

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