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01-28-2011, 11:24 PM
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ok so by the time the pants are pulled up far enough to eliminate the problem..well its just not right they are way too high.

I stopped at playitagain on the way home and picked up a pair of the same shinguards(only brand they carry) in a 13". These in general to me feel like a better fit. However to get my knee to sit in the knee cup of the guard it leaves about a 1/2" of space between my skate boot and the bottom of the can see this in the pictures below. If I bend down yes they do still flip over the lip of my pants but not nearly as badly as the 14" Again this is without socks or taped I still need to pick up some tape to see if it helps.

14" on the left side of the screen and 13" on the right..notice the gap where it meets the skate boot..will that be an issue? also notice the extra protection flaps on both..the 14's seemed to have a little but too much that my calf didn't fill out but the 13's are perfect?

Knees on the floor..13" on the left side, 14" on the right

Sitting with legs at 90 degree angle

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