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Originally Posted by roseyc View Post
Time will prove one of us right and I am rooting for you to be right. I don't understand you say that we won't ever be a detroit or pittsburg in what way winning or finance wise? I think we can performance wise. We have to sign Weber and Suter and up the finances a little more I'm hoping the owners will understand this. No I don't think that we'll ever be the top spending team and you don't have to be if your system is producing. Letting Hamhuis walk was disappointing because he came from the system I wasn't particular impressed with him but we should have gotten more from him than just clearing cap space. I know we got sk out the whole process but that was just a gamble that is paying off still relatively speaking it's not a even up trade. On the Toronto thing.There are a number of teams especially in Canada where money is no object in the rabid cites where the fans put pressure on the team you scratch their heads and say why but they look at our team who has never won a playoff series they think they are better off. If Weber and Suter leave and we rebuild again do you think the attendance will be the same. Toronto draws a full house and they are bottom dwellers. I think we done the competitive thing long enough don't you.... it's time to take the next step. We'll see
Well, it seems this discussion is turning into a bit of a marathon. I'm ok with that as long as it continues to be civil, so let me try to respond to some of your points here.

The comparison to Detroit and Pittsburgh (I probably should've left Pittsburgh out) was basically me saying we aren't perpetual contenders yet, and we might not ever be. It isn't necessarily pessimism. It's just me covering my ass because I know nothing is ever guaranteed, especially in the world of professional sports. The guys running the show are working towards that though.

Re-signing Suter and Weber shouldn't be a dream killer. I think it should be looked at as the first real step towards building a contender. Time will tell what the long-term financial status of this team will be, but if things continue to improve we could be looking at selling out 20 games or more per season really soon. I don't expect as big of a jump in attendance figures from this year to next as we have been seeing from last year to now, but if we can keep this up and average somewhere between 15-16k this season it's a huge step. Letting Hamhuis walk was a tough decision I'm sure, but Poile decided to keep him on for the play offs instead of potentially scuttling the team's play off chances by dealing him at the deadline. It's easy to play hindsight GM and look back at the season thinking "Well, we lost Hamhuis to free agency and lost in the first round. Should've just traded him" (not implying that's what anyone is thinking), but at the time keeping him was the best move for the team.

There may in fact be fans of other teams, Canadian or not, who think being a fan of a non-competitive team is better than being a Predators fan, but I honestly couldn't care less. Anyone who has that opinion and justifies it by saying "they haven't won a play off series" is an idiot and will change their arbitrary rationale to something else the minute we go to the second round. As the forum jargon goes, haters gonna hate. As for the hypothetical where Suter and Weber both leave, I don't see it happening. If it did I'd imagine the team would lose more games, which would probably have a negative effect on attendance. Still I don't see it happening.

Finally, I don't think you can ever do the competitive thing long enough. I understand you meant competitive and not play off winners, but as I said earlier. I'd rather be competitive than not. I'd rather be successful than not, too. One of these days my patience may run out, but I still see light at the end of a tunnel most of us thought would have collapsed by now. Maybe I'm still blinded by the second chance the team was given, but I genuinely think we are on the right track for the first time in our existence.

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