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01-29-2011, 02:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Turtleneck Plek View Post

And I'll hold you to that resource tag haha. I am flying into LAX, great to know there's a bus that'll take me to Union Station.
It is called the "Flyaway"...

costs ~$5 each way. You'll pick it up by walking out of the baggage claim and going into the island in the road where you'll see various rental car shuttles etc. Just look for the sign that says "Flyaway" and wait there (I believe it is green). Once at union station, just ask somebody how to get to the red line. You'll have to go in the building and downstairs.

You can also take a free shuttle from LAX to the Green Line (light Rail) station, take that east (towards Norwalk) and then exit at the blue line and take the blue line north (towards Downtown LA). The blue line ends at an intersection with the Red Line (7th Street/Metro Center) so you'd just go upstairs and hop on the red line north from there. I'm not sure which is quicker but my guess is the Flyaway because you won't have to do as much switching. But if you plan on taking more metro bus/trains that same day, a day pass is $6 and might be more value to you.

Make sure that EITHER way you go, you TAKE A RED line train and NOT A PURPLE line train. The Purple line will take you to the westside, not Hollywood. I tell you that because the trains run on the same tracks at either station you'll be at.

EDIT: Here is a map of all the Metro rail:

Here is Metrolink which will take you all over so cal (not sure if this is of any use)..

Oh and definitely hit up Venice. It is a freakshow!

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