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Originally Posted by DevsFan84 View Post
I think there is a lot of semantics going on in this thread that can potentially confuse a lot of people who aren't familiar with this stuff.

Here is my opinion on it, and please correct me if I'm wrong (I had a few adult beverages this evening)

The sweet stick and other handheld sharpeners should be used as a last resort- as a "sharpener" that is. It's fine to use as a stone to deburr your skate whenever necessary. Deburring your blade is when you run the stone along the outer part of the blade to take the burr off that develops on the outside of your edges. This alone can potentially add life to your sharpening if you aren't doing so already. Doing this can potentially give you the "bite" that is referenced above. You can get a regular stone for like 5 bucks, which makes the sweet stick a very expensive tool to do that alone.

To a person who sharpens skates or otherwise knows a bit about this stuff, saying that something makes the blade sharper would refer to changing the radius on your hollow- for example, if you normally get a 1/2" hollow and then ask for 3/8" that would be a "sharper" skate. What the sweet stick, etc. claims to do that a regular stone cannot do is "rolling in the outside edges" which I think basically means it tries to do the equivalent of what a stone does, just on the inside of the hollow as well.

I've used it, seen it used, and think it's a decent product. You can't have unrealistic expectations for it though- it's good to have around in a pinch but you definitley should not rely on it to work if your blades are completely shot. Will it make your blades uneven? Possibly. I don't know for sure. I do know that I've used it and made people's skates feel a lot better on the ice than they did, but I didn't have my trusty BR100 to check if it was level afterwards.

Also, don't use it on FBV and don't push down too hard, you'll be unhappy.

Just my .2
Anything shaped in a V-shape is going to roll your edges inward, this just ruins your edges and it's IMPOSSIBLE to do it straight. Do you really think that you can hold your skate in one hand and rub some stick freehand within a 0.125 tolerance? Draw a perfectly straight line on a piece of paper, can't do that? Odd, it's easier than being perfect using a sweet stick.

A honing stone deburrs the outside of the steel. It's the only thing that will prolong the life of your sharpening without changing your hollow.

If you look at my history on multiple forums you'll see consistency. I don't bash a product unless it's founded. The SINGLE exception was the PowerBalance bracelet, but come on. There is a reason companies come to me for reviews; they know I'm going to be honest, unbiased and I know what I'm talking about. The first time I skated on FBV I told my sharpener and Steve from Blackstone that his chart was "off" on equivalents. He has since changed it to reflect this after discovering by data that this was a correct assessment... I know what I'm talking about, I could be a jerk and not say anything but guess what? I don't want a bunch of players using products that do more harm than good, it's part of my nature as a coach. If you like using it, go ahead and use it but don't say you weren't warned. I'm done addressing things here, thanks.

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