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Originally Posted by Trottier View Post
Actually, people who can see no further than numbers and flashy plays underrate intangibles. As do people who never played the game at any level (on the ice, that is). To these types, quite often, "intangibles" mean ANYTHING other than a sexy toe drag, a dangle, a goal. Or simply shiny offensive stats. We see that in spades on this board daily.

Frankly, I think Jagr showed superb intangibles the spring of 2001. His team making an improbable run to the Eastern Conference Finals behind the recently returned #66, he pouted like a petulent self-centered child, upset over having to give up some of the spotlight.
I saw first hand what happened when Messier had to carry mediocre teams, we all in vancouver knew how great of a leader he really was.

It's easy to be a clutch guy when you play on teams that already bought talent.

I remember you used to tell me that Jagr being ranked above trottier and others was alright because he brought offense to another level like gretz and mario. Now your saying he's just another numbers guy with flash?

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