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Originally Posted by Blueshirt Special View Post
Can't remember the exact words, but in Bill Gates' book from that era (The Road Ahead, which came with a CD!), he said something along the lines of "new technology is initially overhyped, and then dismissed as not living up to expectations after a short time; only to be rediscovered and viewed as radical in hindsight after a longer period."

Internet has changed everything, every bit as much as television and the printed word. The world is being turned on it's ear because of the virtually unlimited access to vast knowledge. Interesting that it is the Chinese who are credited with the saying "may you live in interesting times"

Our world could be radically different (again) in another 5 years, which is the blink of an eye, even for man.
Look at what's going on with all of these protests in the Middle East right now. The internet, particularly Facebook and Twitter, played a huge role in making all of this possible. We really are living in a very interesting time. If I make it to old age, I assume the world is going to be a radically different place than it is today.

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