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01-29-2011, 04:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Toro View Post
some people are just (glass is half empty) kind of people. I don't truly know why they are like that... NewHabsEra is one of those ppl.

why so negative and opinionated? how the hell can u say how an 18/20 yr old will be like when 25? if u were any good u would be employed by a Pro hockey team.

I understand one can have an opinion but to be sure and crap on a guy limit his ceiling in your head?

I thought he was pretty good at the WJC some just need to help their agenda.
Saying he had third line material wrote all over him was an over statement, you should be used to this I do some at time, it was more of an emotive comment than a rational one.. So I take out that statement since nobody obviously really know how his game will develop and translate at the NHL level and I didnt see Louis play enough to back it without hesitation.. But some guys well connected who saw Louis often this year in the Q tend to picture him as third line material, Mathias Brunet is one of them, a guy Ive alot of respect for, and personally thats where I tend to picture him as well from the little I saw..

Originally Posted by KristoLeblanc View Post
He was playing second unit PK until the end. [Edited] You hated that pick since day 1 and you don't pass any Leblanc thread without saying it.
Not true, I had never saw him play before and I had no opinion on any kids going to be drafted in this draft outside some exceptions like Bournival that I saw him play a couple of times.. I liked the selection based on the fact Louis was a french speaking guy having alot of potential after reading the reports.. Now that I saw Louis play I cant say I dont like the pick since Ive the feeling he will be a pretty useful player, Im just pointing out that it could be on a third line more than a top 6 role based on what I saw personally..

Originally Posted by ReVeuF View Post
It was similar to Plekanec when he started most were thinking he was a 3rd liner, now he is 2nd liner at worst.
Most people thought Plekanec was too small and not skilled enough to play in the NHL one day (during his AHL years), personally, I fell in love with the player the first year he played for the Bulldogs, he was playing on a stacked team, shared with the Edm Oilers, centering the third line where he got about 35-40 pts.. I was thinking highly of his speed, hockey sense, combativity and was intrigued with his overall skills, he seemed to see the ice pretty well setting up his linemates very well and playing at a high tempo.. To be honest, I was already saying that this kid had everything to become an absolute steal in this 2001 draft and I even recall saying that Pleks had nothing to envy to early first rounders Chitov and Weiss, 2 small guys I thought werent going to be better than Plekanec.. Personally I pictured Plekanec as a potential solid second line center at his first year in N.A... Ive been wrong about Perezhogin though, I thought he would become an impact player in the NHL, I dont know how the stick swinging incident affected his carreer but he was a beauty to watch during the lock out in the second part of his AHL rookie season, was magistral in playoffs leading the league in scoring with Semin, he was just flying on the ice, dont recall someone being as dominant ever for the Bulldogs than Perezhogin was before he got banned from the AHL..

Originally Posted by montreal View Post
Nope, I won again. Thanks

There's no pink glasses on me, I didn't like the pick at the time as I didn't care for him in the 3 USHL games I saw him and Kristo play. But watching him at Havard I could see that he's a smart, hard working, skilled offensive player, solid two way player with a high compete level. He may not of looked overly impressive in the WJC's, yet how many teammates out producded him, in addition to him playing on almost every line, while getting high praise from his coach and people in the media like Bobby Mac.

Next year when he hits the AHL full time, we'll see how he does, other then that there's not much to talk about as it's still early enough in his development, we'll see how the next stage goes, so far so good imo.
How would you rate his overall skills compared to his teammates in this tournament? Just like his stickhandling skills, playmaking, off flair?

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