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07-10-2005, 01:20 PM
But y u mad?
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Originally Posted by Almothegreat
But there was no Cup winner last year, Each team begins the season with an "equal" chance of winning the cup.

30 balls, 1-30 chance

Who knows what teams will look like before the season begins, each team will be dramitically different from when Tampa Bay won the Cup.
but is it fair that teams that have 5-6 stars on their team have a better shot then teams with 1. I mean say what ever you want but there is no way teams like Detroit, Colorado, Toronto, Phili should have a better shot than teams like Minnesota and Pittsburgh. We all want our fav team to get Crosby, so naturally I want the Lotto to favour NY and you guys would want it to favour TO (the first suggestion by taking cup history from over a decade ago) But the real fair way would be to find a way of actually separating the worst from the best and that would be likely the best way to conduct the lottery. In my opinion I don't think teams like colorado even deserve a ball because in all honesty, do you think they would miss the playoffs... same goes for other powerhouse teams. If you disagree state why.

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