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Originally Posted by DiesIrae View Post
My hope is that Russia doesn't get utterly destroyed (national embarrassment) like the olympics, because that will result in a lot of action to "fix" this problem (image and sporting acheivment are central to the russian regime) if they do too well it will increase popularity of football as it did after the Euro 2008. So I hope Russia does average. 2nd in their group and loses 1st or second round knockout.

The problem with russian hockey, as with so many other former block countries is in its demographics. Russian populations are declining steeply in russia, while various other ethnicites are growing (tatars, bashkirs, various other caucasian groups) who only play football. hockey is a russian sport in russia. as participation drops, so does financial support. Russian hockey will be seriously threatened in the near future.
tatars and bashkirs have the same demographics as slavic

following your reasoning Canada will be great ping-pong Nation soon

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