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07-10-2005, 01:36 PM
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Originally Posted by ToMaLe
Well getting 3 balls is still pretty good imo. and yes you can argue the past few seasons have little relevance, you can argue many things bout how it should be done, they are all valid arguments. you will never get everyone agreeing on one way to do it. i dont think 1-30 is the way to go, but thats my opinion, im just going by a weighted system from the past history as there was no season last year. some want a weighted system some dont. time will tell i guess
If youre going to weight it, do it based on past few seasons with the amount of balls being determined on things like # of playoff appearances, # of cup wins in this time period, # of #1 picks overall, etc... not cup wins going back to Calgary. Otherwise, why stop at Calgary? Leafs won the cup in 1967, so maybe they should have less of a shot than a team that hasnt won the cup at all..

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