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Originally Posted by Rancid
but is it fair that teams that have 5-6 stars on their team have a better shot then teams with 1. I mean say what ever you want but there is no way teams like Detroit, Colorado, Toronto, Phili should have a better shot than teams like Minnesota and Pittsburgh. We all want our fav team to get Crosby, so naturally I want the Lotto to favour NY and you guys would want it to favour TO (the first suggestion by taking cup history from over a decade ago) But the real fair way would be to find a way of actually separating the worst from the best and that would be likely the best way to conduct the lottery. In my opinion I don't think teams like colorado even deserve a ball because in all honesty, do you think they would miss the playoffs... same goes for other powerhouse teams. If you disagree state why.
Why shouldnt a team like Toronto or Philly get an equal chance for the 1st round pick then Minnesota? Last time I check Minny had a very strong chance of making it to the cup in 03, and just missed out of a playoff spot in 04 due to a horrible start. Its the NHL anything can happens I will stress this again any team has an equal chance of winning.

30 balls/ 1-30

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