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For me, there are two reasons why I use a portable sharpener. I keep two in my bag. One is a Sweetstick and the other is a Pro-filer (similar to a Skate-Mate).

I use the Sweetstick on dull edges ONLY. Like some other poster stated, this device rolls your edges. You have to be extremely careful not to swipe too much or apply too much pressure. I use this when I have those 10:20 beer league games or when my son skates at 6 in the morning and I forget to take the skates for sharpening. A Sweetstick will not repair a lost edge. This device has gotten me through literally hundreds of games with an edge that will hold versus an edge that will not hold in a sharp cut or turn on the ice. It has held up for years because I believe it is ceramic. It is worth every penny I spent on it.

The Pro-filer in a 1/2" hollow is used to repair lost edges ONLY. It was originally used to repair bad sharpenings until I wised up and just checked the unevenness of the blades before I paid for the sharpening. This device is a diamond impregnated tool and is a bit more expensive than the Skate-Mate. But I've used both and got the Skate-Mate to do the job to repair a lost edge also.

In any case, I think all these devices have a lot to do with experience in using them. It actually took me a while to figure out how much pressure, swipes etc. to go with before everything felt comfortable. Trial and error showed me the way.

They may not be as good as a proper sharpening, but when I'm either too lazy to make a special trip to get them sharpened, don't have the 5 bucks in my pocket for a sharpening, or loose an edge, both devices simply work for me.

Note: I use a regular hollow and not a FBV.

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