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Originally Posted by Trottier View Post
Plenty. Proper hockey society has evolved to a kinder and gentler place.

I'm neither advocating nor offended by plays like that. It is what it is and was entirely proper for the time and place. Clearly it would not be today.

Was Messier "brave"? Doesn't matter, either way. Especially when you are the guy lying on the ice, reaching for your chicklets. (Better to be the guy delivering the hit.) Messier's play throughout his career spoke for itself and he owes no one an apology for it; moralists be damned. He would skate around you..or through you. Many opponents were not up to it. Likewise, it upsets many fans to this day.

Advantage #11.
No doubt it was an advantage to him and fit in the time and place argument but so did slavery and beating ones' wife when they deserved it.

Perhaps a couple of extreme comparisons but I totally agree with Brave Canadian's response on the post.

While it might have helped players like Clarke and Messier create more time and space on the ice when they played they do not deserve anyone's respect (or indifference) for their actions but that's just my opinion and I understand why some don't view it as a negative on a players career.

I don't view it as a negative on viewing guys like Clarke or Messier personally but I really view there actions as chicken***t moves and the actions should be viewed as such IMO regardless of time and place.

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