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Originally Posted by Johnny Utah View Post
Thank you.

I've been in fights in real life and playing hockey. When I walk into a bar with 4 friends and another group of 5 start talking smack or trying to be intimidating, I am more likely to do something when one of my friends is 6'4" 230 lbs. Other wise, I may just back down. It is the same thing playing soccer, hockey or any other sport I've played. Having that one big dude who has your back makes you play bigger and tougher. For christs sake, Brad Richardson had a fighting major this year against Scott Nichol. Westgarth not only played in that game, he was on the ice.
Fighting is stupid...every time I have fought, I was stupid, both before and after, regardless of result. If I wasn't good at it, I wonder if I would have done it. Fighting in hockey is, for now, a necessary evil. It will however get phased out of the game if the NHL intends to progress forward. It will take more teams like the Red Wings winning Cups not dressing enforcers and then others will follow. I think in 10 years, fighting is out of the game and that will make me happy. It is the biggest reason IMHO that hockey has not caught onto the main stream. Your average Joe passive sports fan who watches football games, attends baseball games and roots for the local basketball team still thinks hockey is a neanderthal of a sport. I know because I hear it from average Joe and Jane regularly. One of their first spoken breaths about the sport concerns fighting. It gives validation to criticism that hockey is a niche sport. Imagine if football had as much fighting as hockey...the sport would stop appealing to the masses. Imagine basketball with pushing and shoving after the whistle and small scrums. The sport would be ridiculed.

As for Westgarth, I am happy if he never plays another game. He is slow, has no offensive or defensive ability and is not just a liability but the weak link each time he is out there. He single handedly makes the 4th line useless. I know, it's harsh but I care about winning and nothing else.

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