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01-30-2011, 05:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Pauk View Post

I hope you will be marginal forever otherwise segregation is the best option because Russians are fed up with this bandustan ****.

i suppose you're the one that screams "Russia for Russians" waving dpni flags and so on

my only answer to such ppl like you is "go ****** yourself"

you don't like me calling my homeland Idel-Ural? it's not my problem at all, it's always been Idel-Ural before Russian and after Russian and in 1000 years after now it will be Idel-Ural just beacause it's the name of the region in Tatar/Bashkir language

you call our shared motherland "Rossiya" and no one forces you to call it "Rәsәi" like it's called in Tatar language

something is obviously wrong with your head.

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