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01-30-2011, 06:07 AM
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Originally Posted by Coach J View Post
Hockey is expensive, but it's way more expensive in the States than in Canada.

We've got a few Seattle teams in our league and in talking to them it makes the fees the kids on my team pay seem like chump change.

Between registration cost, travel cost and ice costs the cost was in the area of $6000 and that's without considering the cost of equipment which could hit $2000 easily. An hour of ice cost the Seattle team we were playing $350/hr.

This is compared to my home association where registration is $400 and maybe $100 in incidental team fees. Travel costs are on top of this and maybe in the area of $400/season. Oh, and we get ice at $50/hour.

It's insane. The kids that play hockey in the Seattle area are the kids that have the money to afford it. That's it.
Holy crap. I can't believe parents pay that kind of money for a kid's activity. At those rates, it's no wonder soccer is exploding. Friends who have kids playing here figure it's about $1,500 per year by the time you include costs for a couple of weekend tournaments away (that includes hotel and food).

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