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01-30-2011, 09:55 AM
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as for how the transfer works, he placed a transfer request, which basically says "I want to move, and you better let me". Liverpool have since rejected it. The request is his demand to go, and with it, he shows intent by being willing to reject part of the transfer fee, which is given to players who are shipped off. that's a hefty fee in this case (it's usually a few percentages of the sale) though he would probably recoup much of it with a new contract bonus, and increased wages (rumblings that he would go from 110k a week to 200k in pounds of course).

Liverpool have said no, have an iron clad contract for more than 2 seasons (less than two seasons would mean he could buy it out, stamp his feet, and Liverpool might be screwed) but at this point, they probably sell because an unhappy player is effectively worthless.

I'm fine with 45 or so and Anelka/Sturridge. I wish City needed a striker, but if he wants to go, shove off.

As for who they get? At this point, they've got some irons in the fire, but it's unlikely that they could secure an Aguero or another top player.

That's what makes me angry, more so than him wanting to leave, it's the fact that he's doing it with 3 days left in the window (at which point transfers are closed).

On that note, i wouldnt' be surprised if Liverpool complain about Chelski tapping him up. Which means they talked to him before the offer was filed. That's against regulations, though it happens often.

Maybe King Kenny will pull a whiskey nose and do like Ronaldo and tell him he wont' move till summer and to shut up.

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