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01-30-2011, 12:08 PM
sa cyred
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Two Worlds II is a pretty fun game. Playing with my brother at the moment online. There are currently 6-7 online campaigns you can play. Kinda liked the old way in which you could play through the single player storyline and go anywhere you wanted.

Overall though pretty fun. Voice acting is better, but the game still has bugs and sometimes it seems like they forgot some cutscenes (like it goes from one place and all of a sudden your underground). Also at times you randomly float. Playing an earth mage, and brother a piker (I forgot the amount of classes they have. Its probably around 10). I have a buff spell which increases the physical attack by like 40% for 60 seconds. We 2v5'd a bunch of lower lvls (we were 6,they were 1 and 2) and destroyed them. Got a spell which summons lvl 4 frog type things and I sent out 6 of them lol. I was only one that died due to getting gang banged.

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