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Originally Posted by BraveCanadian View Post
Yeah, its all good unless it was your son laying on the ice from a dirty premeditated hit like that.. although I suppose you'd be ok paying for your son's new teeth and dealing with the concussion symptoms (possibly for life).
I've had to pay for my own new front teeth. So no need to pull out the melodramatic "think of the chillllldren" card. You are better than that.

Originally Posted by Sens Rule View Post
Gordie Howe was regarded as the best hockey player EVER for almost two decades until Orr came around and still is by many knowledgable fans. Same with Shore before him. Both could be dirty as hell for intimidation purposes. So was Messier. Like it or not it was effective and it helped his teams win hockey games and playoff series and Stanley Cups.
Thank you. The entire point was that Messier didn't want/need anyone's approval. He wanted you to be upset, and intimidated. Worked then...and years later, is clearly evoking some of the same emotions, right here. Part of what makes the game great is the diversity between speed, physicality and yes chippiness. I would never play that way, but I loved watching it. Sure beats a rink full of homagenized, robotic figureskaters.

I may think Bobby Hull is arrogant and an ass, Messier an ego-maniac and Clarke a horrible person. If I did think those things it would not diminish what they did on the ice in winning hockey games and being game changing players.
Couldn't stand Clarke and consider him the chippiest player I've ever seen. Can't argue with the results, however.

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