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Originally Posted by Dark Shadows View Post
Granted you may have changed how you rank players, but you most certainly did rank him 15th and call it a lock

And ranking players only based on their first 10 years??
This method throws late bloomers or players who had their best years ever outside of that bracket under the truck
Yeah but this was before I decided to learn more about players well before my time like morenz and mikita, two centers that are decisevly better than messier and now lidstrom has boosted his resume quite a bit since that post.

Most forwards born and raised in canada peak earlier, and the ones that dont have longevity suffer from lack of modern advances in technology.

This concept wouldnt really apply to harvey because very few defensemen peak early. Bourque didnt hit his peak until 87-94, lidstrom peaked in 1998, and the other defencemen outside the top 5 really pale in comparison to harvey anyways. Besides lidstrom, shore and bourque, there is no other defenseman that has similar credentials to harvey. The gap between defensemen in rankings is bigger than the gap between forwards. My criteria focuses more on seperating someone like stan mikita from a messier or sakic because his credentials are better and he was much better at 20-29 than they were.

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