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01-30-2011, 07:48 PM
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goalie +knee injury?

hey guys

i know there is another goalie noob intro thread but this is kind of a little different. ive been looking into playing goalie for a while now (ive been a foward playing right wing for about 2 years) and i played goalie once using my goalies pads and i absolutely loved it but the problem is a couple years ago roughly 4. i tore my acl, mcl, pcl, and meniscus in one shot and now i have 2 screws in my left knee. after playing goalie that one time i could feel my knee was really sore. i never had that problem playing as a foward. im guessing its because of "trying" to play in the butterfly. do you guys think it would be risky if i took up goaltending full time? ive been puzzling over this for a while now and dnt know if the risk of me tearing anything again is worth it. how common are those injuries playing goalie?

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