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01-31-2011, 01:50 AM
Johnny Utah
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Some of you people are so ignorant it makes me sick. I am so glad this is a message board and you people are invisible to me in real life.

I guarantee you that fighting will always have a place in this game. Hockey purists agree. Even Jeremy Roenick was talking about it the other day and validating it's place in the game.

I will be you $100 it will still be revelant in the next 10 years. The NHL hates to admit it, as badly as it is a thorn in it's side, it is also what helps draw fans and the only thing that makes them all stand up besides a goal. If you google "hockey scoring" or "hockey checking," are there websites dedicated to those topics? No. Are there websites dedicated to hockey fights? Tons. Do people trade tapes of goals, saves, etc...not really....They do for fighting. It has a cult following. It's role may be diminshed but it will never disapear. Even David Branch and all his new rules in OHL can't completely eliminate it, just curb it a little.

If players can't use there fists, they will use the next best and closest thing, their sticks. And it will be out of frustration on guys like Cooke, Carcillo, and Clutterbuck. The league knows this. This is the only sport the players carry around weapons 5 on 5. In football it's just the players, in baseball only one player is carrying a bat at a time. Eliminating fighting is the biggest mistake unless you want 100 more Brashear/McSorley incidents.

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