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Originally Posted by Blitzkrieg View Post
Then why put a franchise in Columbus if the state (outside the 270 beltway) isnt a bountiful hockey market? Anyhow, I know of 3 families outside of myself who has or had season tickets and did the 2 hour ride across SR33. Also, Celina Ohio is proud to be the home of Cody Reichard whom led the Red Hawks to 2 final frozen four games. I also know that Coldwater Machine is own by the McConnell family and routinely gives away tickets. Agreed, the team has done a poor job marketing themselves over here. They get no press coverage at all.
There are certainly exceptions but I really doubt that there's enough of a potential market to warrant a caravan of some sorts.

As the rise and fall of the Cavs has shown, winning is the ultimate marketing resource. If the Jackets start winning, people around Ohio will take notice. Till that day comes though, the Jackets aren't going to get any significant press in Ohio, no matter how much effort they put into it.

Originally Posted by RedK View Post
Athens and Newark have extremely active hockey programs. So does Akron and Bowling Green. They have had for years. Not to mention Cleveland, which has hockey programs almost as big as C-bus.
I don't see Cleveland ever becoming a "Jackets town" barring some sort of Pittsburgh/Washington esque transformation.

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