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01-31-2011, 06:35 AM
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Ran some summer cap numbers-$68,640,000 projection based on $62.4M cap projection. 10% bump in the summer cap.

(ii) Upper Limit.

(A) With the exception of the Bona-Fide Long-Term
Injury/Illness Exception set forth in Section 50.10(d) below
and the Performance Bonus Cushion set forth in Section
50.5(h) below, no Club shall at any point during a League
Year be permitted to have an Averaged Club Salary that
exceeds the Upper Limit of the Payroll Range.

(B) Nevertheless, in order to ensure that Clubs may have
sufficient time and flexibility to plan their rosters during
the off-season, the Upper Limit shall be temporarily raised
by ten (10) percent to permit Clubs addit ional flexibilit y
with their Averaged Club Salaries during the period from
July 1 until and including the last day of Training Camp.

On the day following the last day of Training Camp, the
Upper Limit shall again be lowered to the level as
calculated in Section 50.5(b), and all Clubs must once
again be in compliance with the Upper Limit from the day
following the last day of Training Camp until and including
June 30.

Those players account for $39,562,500

Group II's with estimates. Dubinsky and Callahan QO's are their current salaries. Same goes for Gilroy. Sauer and Boyle get 110% bumps and AA gets a 105% bump.




2 way contracts. Pro-rated on the number of days spent on the NHL roster the previous season. If these 3 players spend the rest of the season with the Rangers

MDZ(160 days)-$935,483

$2,627,149 against the summer cap instead of the full $4.1M.


Add Wade Redden. $6.5M. All one way contracts count. If the Rangers sign Kreider to an ELC,he doesn't count against the summer cap. If the Rangers don't bring up Valentenko this season and he signs a 2 way contract,he won't count against the summer cap.


$5,150,351 in space

So many two contracts which will eat away at the above number.

Weise(25 days).He is a group II this summer. He will get a 2 way QO. His next NHL salary will be close to the NHL minimum which will be $525,000 next season. He will get more AHL money for less NHL money when signs his next contract. 25 days for $525,000 cap hit is $70,564.

Grachev(14). $816,666 cap number. $61,469 so far. If Grachev spent the rest of this season with the Rangers,$364,426 for 83 days.

Newbury is signed for next season. His NHL stint counts against the summer cap.

Kennedy and Dupont are group II's. Kolarik will be a group 6. If the Rangers qualify or sign these players to 2 way contracts,it adds to the summer cap based on days spent on NHL roster.

Rangers can't add money past this season. Can't carry any cap penalty from this season.

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