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01-31-2011, 07:43 AM
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Originally Posted by dubldown View Post
I though for the most part, the All Star Weekend was done really well. This is the first one where I watched everything from beginning to end.

Some of it was bad though, but I knew what they were trying to do.

The thing on the NHL network with the whole red carpet event and JR and Weekes talking fashion with the players, that was totally aimed at the female fan. The NFL is huge with females and I'm sure the NHL wants that also. Even my wife who is a very minimal hockey fan was rolling her eyes and said it was difficult to watch.

The guardian project was a disaster I think. Stan Lee = awesome, hockey = awesome, Stan Lee + Hockey = not so much. I do appreciate the NHL for trying something different though.

Loved the fantasy draft idea, I thought it went over really well. The NFL pro bowl is a joke, nobody watches that. The NBA and MLB all star games are just showcases of talent but it takes it out of the players hands and most fans just vote for the name they recognize. I thought it was hilarious to see the off the ice personalities of some of the guys.
Agree with most of what you said.

I really enjoyed the draft and the skills competition. I stopped watching the game about 10 minutes in though. I just can't so it.

As for the Guardian Project, I've been saying the same exact thing. 2 awesome things combined does not mean the result is doubly awesome. In this case, it's not awesome at all.

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