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01-31-2011, 10:32 AM
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Originally Posted by arrbez View Post
Yeah, no doubt. My issue is just with the arbitrary decision to use a player's first 10 seasons. At least starting with their first big season (Messier's 1982 instead of his 1980, for instance) would put guys on an even playing field no matter what age they entered the league.

Using their 8 or 10 best is definitely a better method. At the same time, that punishes guys who might have 12 or 13 elite-level seasons. The difference between Ray Bourque and Denis Potvin is that Bourque did it for twice as long. If you look at just the best 8, I think that really hurts Bourque, and might even put Potvin ahead.
Ironnically, I'm one of the few around here that has Potvin ahead of Bourque

That said, yeah, using arbitrary criteria has it's negatives. Personally, I weigh what a guy did at his absolute best more importantly than how long he was a very good player. For instance, if Usain Bolt never wins another race, who was the greater sprinter, him with the World Record by alot, or Carl Lewis who was competive a long time, but was never as fast as Bolt at his best? I take Usain Bolt and what he did at his absolute best.

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