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01-31-2011, 11:21 AM
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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
Yeah but all of this is based on whether or not these guys are the real deal, which in A ball is pretty near impossible to tell. Yeah D-Brown made it to the majors quickly and other guys have in the past, but like I said, for the most part these guys are 4-5 years out. Some may make it quicker, but for the most part, the majority will not ever see a major league game (at least not for the Phillies).
Ah, if they aren't progressing decently in a shorter window than that, then they probably won't be making it in 4-5 years... if you catch my drift. 4-5 years is rather late arrival in the big leagues for most of those guys.

Singleton would be 23-24
Cosart would be 24-25
Colvin would be 24-25

MLB Debuts for our lineup
Rollins 21 (everyday player 22)
Polanco 22
Victorino 22
Howard 24 (likely would have been sooner if not for Thome)
Utley 24 (came from college)
Ibanez 24 (definition of a late bloomer, too)
Ruiz 27

Halladay 21 (regular at 22)
Lee 23
Hamels 22
Oswalt 23
Blanton 23 (college)
Kendrick 22

Reality is that you're looking at these guys to progress this year and some of 'em to possibly end the year in AA. Begin next year in AA, and then they're right on the cusp depending on how they perform at that level. Sure, some won't make it... but to dismiss A ball guys as being 4-5 years away just isn't supported by normal MLB development paths. Some will take longer, sure... but most "impact" guys -- and that is what we are worrying over here -- are knocking on that door around age 22 (even if they aren't impact guys in MLB at that point). Especially if they don't go to college first and thus get to the minors at age 21-22.

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