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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
The real problem in addressing the Primeau situation is focusing on KJ (I understand why, but it's a red herring). The real problem was that they couldn't sign anyone to fill the voids left on that roster following that season, and that's a big reason why the team cratered the way it did.

In reality, not the worst thing in the world. Richard, Carter, Umberger, etc. all got a lot of ice time because of that roster, which helped them out. And now you have JVR on this team because of that year (it pays to suck when you're rebuilding).
Yes, all is well that ends well.

I cannot prove it but believe that had KJ been healthy and sought a reasonable contract Clarke would have signed him... but a healthy Kim may have meant no Kimmo, even if all else stayed the same.

I find it hard to slap the selfish tag on Primeau after all he gave to the Flyers... I agree much of his sticking with the battle had to do with his not wanting to stop his playing life -- as was all his foolishly playing through PCS in past concussions -- but IMO what he and JR did to come back for the prior postseason that took them to the ECF was nothing short of being ultimate team players... JR seems to not be effected by all his concussions while Keith like Lindros was greatly effected. IMO a huge portion of Keith's fight was for his team.

After that great PO march where they fell a goal short of the SCF with a severely banged up team Primeau was at the height of his worth and marketability... He could have entered the open market and been overpaid -- forgetting for the moment the Lockout and new CBA rules -- Instead Keith, against the NHLPA's insistence otherwise, took a below market contract so the team would not be strapped... In prior seasons he and Recchi deferred cash so Clarke could sign other players. Keith Primeau was NOT a selfish player... He took well to the Flyers Organization and had a great relationship with them as they showed mutual respect, and had none of the problems he had with his previous organizations.

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