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Originally Posted by this providence View Post
Ya, I was into both for a while. Lydia's album Illuminate was all-around pretty solid. Their last album before they called it quits I didn't care for at all, though.
Beneath Medicine Tree I thought was brilliant, perfect for the time I found it too (spring of 2004, in college, new girlfriend, etc). Still in my top 10 all time albums.

In Motion is also really strong, a lot more dynamic and darker, but some amazing songs on it. Probably in my top 15-25.

Eat, Sleep, Repeat was pretty dark and depressing and I didn't listen to it much because I honestly didn't need dark and depressing music at that point in my life.

You Are My Sunshine was a lot like Eat, Sleep, Repeat as it was both mellow and kind of sad, but it's grown on me so much this past few months. It's so much better in my opinion, a lot more fleshed out and orchestrated. I'd say in my top 40-50 by now.

Illuminated I felt lacked the edge to make me really get into it. First few tracks were great, then I got a little bored. They have the ambiance and the prettiness, but they lacked the excitement.

Speaking of music:

New Foo Fighters Teaser

Supposedly it's recorded in Dave Grohl's garage. IMO, doesn't matter where they recorded it if the songs don't stand up to their first two albums.

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