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01-31-2011, 03:48 PM
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Originally Posted by DAkings20 View Post
One thing pissing me off is my allergies are acting up(sneezing), I'm hoping that won't affect the clots or the sockets healing.
I got the stomach flu about 3 days after I had my wisdom teeth removed. What a great time that was!

I also had similar stuff done as you. I had a baby canine extracted but it was out of the skin and in a normal spot. It just needed to be removed because on of my adult teeth couldn't grow in. It literally took two seconds for him to pull it.

I was in high school (probaby 17 y/o) when I had the stuff done but after they removed the canine, they widened my mouth with this apperatus that I had to tighten with a key every night. It sucked. Imagine the opposite of a vice on the roof of your mouth and every night you turn the key to separate it further. I got a gap in my front teeth from them moving so quick. Then once there was a gap, the tightened the braces on one side so it slid all the teeth over leaving room for the tooth to fall down (or grow in). The braces suck. When they told me I was going to have to have my wisdom teeth pulled in order to keep my teeth straight, I told them to take them off. I was really scared to have oral surgery. Bad idea because I ended up having them removed like 3 years later after I kept getting pounding headaches. All 4 were impacted and not exposed from the skin. I had them all removed while I was knocked out.

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