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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
That's fine if that is how they evaluate players, but what I am talking about is that the bulk of the guys in A are 4-5 years away if at all. Sure there are guys who may be quicker, but outside of the real blue chip guys like Brown, Harper, and Strasburg, you can't really tell. Sure, you can say Guy X has quality Y and Z and that makes him a future impact player, but in baseball these guys are so young that there is really no way to be sure outside of the obvious ones like those I mentioned.

It isn't like hockey where if you are dominating somewhere in the CHL scoring 3 points per game, you can safely say that that player will be a force or at least a regular in the NHL some day soon. Or in football or basketball where if they kill it in NCAA for the most part, they are going to do well in the pros. In baseball you are going pretty much 100% on potential when you are talking about guys in the A level. I'm sure there are guys in A that are batting .340 and hitting 20 hrs that will never make it to the big leagues and guys who have yet to step on the field in A who have amazing potential that will never come close to being reached. All I'm saying is I am not banking on a guy in A to be a part of this club any time soon. They could be, of course, but I would not be counting on it.

EDIT: Just as an example, Carlos Corrasco was ranked #28 in's list and #41 on Baseball America's list. He has not played in the majors and likely won't any time soon (at least on a regular basis). Many of the players on the list have made it and have made it well, but there are a lot who have not made it yet either from that list.
Most of the guys in A ball will never make it, but that's not who we're talking about here. In baseball you have filler guys (most of the minors) and true prospects (Singleton, Cosart, Colvin, et al). These guys are 2-3 years away and for what it's worth, they're exactly where Brown was a year or two ago. Even then he was untouchable. The guys doing this stuff know what they're talking about and really can tell when a guy has a legit shot and when one doesn't. We're not talking about one guy who may make it or may not, we're talking about half a team's worth just in Lakewood last year. Of that group, I guarantee that a handful make it.

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