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01-31-2011, 07:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Ziggy Stardust View Post
I recall reading about Terry Murray being one of the easier coaches to play for back when he was coaching the Flyers. He is known to be a player's coach. Rarely do you ever hear about him punishing players with a bag skate. The most controversial thing he's ever done is saying his team choked when they lost to Detroit in the 1997 Finals.

As for the ice surface being considered among the worst in the NHL, players have been saying this for years. I've skated on Anaheim's ice and it really is terrible. The arenas with the most amount of events and changeovers tend to be the ones that end up with the worst ice surface (MSG and Staples being two of the busiest arenas in the US). Notice that the best ice surfaces tend to be those that don't have as many events going on in there.
I, too, suffer from having played primarily in So Cal, so as far as a knowledgeable opinion re:ice condition across North America, its not going to come from me. That said I have skaetd on much better ice in Canada than here. But Staples has far better ice than rinks like Culver City, el Segundo, Panorama City, Bay Harbor, Paramount or Simi Valley.


All the Ice Capades Chalets (that I ever knew of) are gone with the exception of Rancho palos Verdes. I skated in those rinks in Topanga plaza mall, North Hollywood mall, Palm Desert Mall and several others as a kid. The rinks were all smaller than regulation size and had horrible ice. The ice in the Hawaii Ice palace also sucks, but at least they have an ice rink!

Originally Posted by Sybil227 View Post
I'm not sure that would help much, honestly. This comes about from having 3 professional teams + other events going on throughout hockey season. The ice surface just isn't the top priority for the venue.
Disagree. Ambient temperature absolutely is a factor, along with humidity to a good ice surface for hockey purposes. If it was colder the ice would be better and the temperature in Canadian arena's, at least the ones I've been is often at least 5 degrees or more colder than Staples.

Nevertheless, as far as SoCal ice, I love skating at Staples. we get the ice befoer every King-Red Wing game for 2 hours and its a blast.

As for TM being the "easiest coach" to play for, I don't know if thats a good thing or not. I tend to think it might not be, particularly if you want to establish a culture here as DL always seems to bring up.

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