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Originally Posted by datsyukianLIKE View Post
my skates are really tight how could i get my ankles stronger just put more weight on my edges?
It just takes practice, I'm just getting back into the game myself and it just takes time, you have to build up strength in your legs, ankles, everything. It'll come in time, just keep working at it.

Originally Posted by kr580 View Post
Try to get more weight into your skating. A nice deep knee bend will help this. When I first started skating my skates would go squirrelly like that and I just had to sit down more and bend my knees.

Stronger ankles would help but you're not going to get that overnight. Just keep skating and that will come.
Your right, some people forget that a good knee bend aids in a better stride, its easy when your starting out to skate too upright.

Originally Posted by AIREAYE View Post
you should read previous posts before adding your own, as I already suggested those things. If he is wobbly, then molding will have a negligible impact on that. I agree with Kr580 and say that you should put some more weight on that skate and have a good knee bend
My bad, great of you to suggest those things, nothing wrong with hearing them twice really . Oh and you said nothing about molding skates, get off the soap box, we're all here to help.

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