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01-31-2011, 07:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Millhaus View Post
Babel isn't a winger? That is all he is, a winger trained at the ultimate school for wingers. Nobody sticks with playing with 2 out and out wingers like Ajax. I like Suarez a ton and Ajax is going to miss him a lot and again I like Carroll but he is overpriced by quite a bit simply because he is English.

They are now saying the Torres fee is 50 mil pounds instead of 45 so with the Babel fee of around 6 that makes it about a wash but I still feel they overpaid by a lot for an English guy simply because he is English. Heck I bet they could have had Dzeko and used what they saved there to get Adam out of Blackpool.
Babel may have been trained as a winger, but that's not his best position. It might not be his second best position either. He doesn't provide any width, can rarely beat a man and maintain possession, and is a pretty terrible crosser. His best position is striker, followed by an attacking midfielder.

He really hasn't provided anything to Liverpool for a few seasons now.

Carroll was an overpayment, for sure. But their hand was forced by the Spanish Judas *****. If he'd put in a transfer request at the beginning of the window, they could have gone in for Dzeko, or any number of options abroad. Since they had no time, they went after the best upside they could get on short notice. Carroll has the potential to be a dominant striker, and if he becomes England's #9 (which is likely), he'll sell a lot of shirts.

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