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01-31-2011, 11:16 PM
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- I'll agree with the GM who said that the OP should only highlight the players name, and not the team. It takes two minutes to change it

- Very solid selection with Milt Schmidt. A three-time Detroit Falcons who was my captain when I won the Milt Dunnell Cup two years ago. There's four centerman who, to me, are very close one another: Syl Apps Sr., Joe Sakic, Milt Schmidt and Steve Yzerman. Although Schmidt is the worst offensive center of those four, he would be my first selection. He's by far the best defensive center and rugged centerman of the four. With Beliveau, he's the best leader of All-Time. He was one of the best playoff performer of his generation. I think most people undervalue his career, because of the three and a half prime years of his career he lost to the War. Taking points away from a guy who miss games because of war is like taking points away from Lemieux because of cancer.

After all, we're not drafting statistics, but hockey players.


Very glad the draft is moving on pretty well.

EDIT: The defenceman are definitely ''la belle du bal'' this year.

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