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02-01-2011, 12:06 AM
Slick Rick 61
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Absolutely love my new skates, but have a question

I was lucky enough to scoop up a pair of pro stock one95's barely used, and absolutely love them. They are a C width which is perfect for me as a lifelong Vapor user, because the narrow boot fits me like a Vapor. The insoles that were put in the skates also support my foot 100% perfect, so the skates are basically identical to my foot. The extra stiff boots also gave me NO pain whatsoever.

However, when stopping with my left foot in front, the right skate seems to rock behind. I checked to see if the runner was bent, and the guy at the pro shop said he didn't think so, and told me to give it a few more times as I may not be used to the 288mm runner. I just wanted to note that my old skates were 3 years old and had 280mm runners (my shoe size grew 1.5 sizes since I had them, they were Vapor XXXX's).

I was wondering if anyone had some thoughts as to why this may be happening. I am using the skates just in practice right now, because I don't want to go into a game, and not be able to stop on a dime if a puck carrier does, or go into the corner and wipe out as I'm about to take a hit.

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