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Originally Posted by f2d View Post
so RB, we can use the LTIR to pay for bonuses right? That's one thing I'm STILL not clear on

Could you give some examples with numbers and possible moves / bonus scenarios? Preferably explain it to me like I'm an idiot
From my understanding of Article 50 of the CBA, which I read tonight, is that LTIR may be used to pay for both player salary and bonuses.

Originally Posted by Article 50.10 Player Injuries, Illnesses and Suspensions.
(d) Bona-Fide Long-TermInjury/Illness Exception to the Upper Limit. In
the event that a Player on a Club becomes unfit to play (i.e., is injured, ill or disabled and
unable to perform his duties as a hockey Player) such that the Club's physician believes,
in his or her opinion, that the Player, owing to either an injury or an illness, will be unfit
to play for at least (i) twenty-four (24) calendar days and (ii) ten (10) NHL Regular
Season games, and such Club desires to replace such Player, the Club may add an
additional Player or Players to its Active Roster, and the replacement Player Salary and
Bonuses of such additional Player(s) may increase the Club's Averaged Club Salary to an
amount up to and exceeding the Upper Limit
, solely as, and to the extent and for the
duration, set forth below. If, however, the League wishes to challenge the determination
of a Club physician that a Player is unfit to play for purposes of the Bona-Fide LongTerm Injury/Illness Exception, the League and the NHLPA shall promptly confer and
jointly select a neutral physician, who shall review the Club physician's determination
regarding the Player's fitness to play.
Also from my understanding we may, at any point in time, retroactively place Frolov and Prospal on LTIR to "cash in" accrued LTIR space which may be used to exceed the Upper Limit of the cap by the amount accrued.

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