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02-01-2011, 03:23 AM
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In the NHL I'd say that most guys use sticks that are at least a bit below the chin on skates, many about 1-2" or even more below the chin on skates, but some NHLers like longer sticks, above the chin on skates. Keep an eye on players during stoppages when they're standing on the ice by their bench, often you'll see them hold their stick vertically with the tip on the ground, and you can get an idea of how long they are. Here's Meeker's website on stick length, it shows the length of a lot of superstar's sticks:

Even modern guys like Crosby and Ovechkin use real short sticks, but then you have guys like Stamkos and Datsyuk who use longer ones, so it is definitely personal preference. Personally I have like my sticks vut to between my adams apple and collar bone on skates, but everyone may like them at different lengths. However, if you've always used sticks cut to your lips of even higher (on skates), dig out an old stick that you don't really care about and chop it down to about an inch or two below your chin (on skates). Test it out a couple times at stick and puck/shinny sessions, maybe you won't like it, but maybe you will!

And yeah, if you're trying to adjust to a new, shorter stick, and like everything but the flex, you'll probably have to go with something flexier. I'm 6', 180 lbs, and while I can use 85ish flex sticks, I prefer 75ish flex sticks, the 85ish flexes are just a bit hard for me to flex properly once cut down.

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