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Originally Posted by EagleBelfour View Post

You should know that Richard biggest contribution happened outside the hockey rink (Not that intended to do so). That's why he's a legend. When Richard was a (quite poor) analyst for TQS in the 80's, people was making fun of him and his 'legendary' status was not as brilliant. As he got sick and died, his aura of a true legend sparkled again.

Guy Lafleur is one of the best player of All-Time and the most exciting of the 70's. The population in general is still young enough to have watch him play.

Most people who saw Jean Beliveau are very old or already dead. However, I would argue that his 'aura' as a legend is stronger than the one of Lafleur. When he'll eventually die, I would be shock if he dosn't get the same treatment as Richard (National funeral, etc...)

You're wrong , at my age , I talked to lots of old people that saw Béliveau , especially when I was 7-18 years old , they weren't THAT old.There's also lots of younger people than Beliveau that watched Beliveau.Lafleur is a bigger star than Béliveau in Montreal , that's pretty much a fact.They're both star , they're both enormously respected and loved , but the love for Lafleur is more ''psychotic''.The fact is , lots of people from Béliveau's era loves Lafleur more and they all say he was the best between the 2.I know it's not popular around here but those people saw every watchable game and my ''sample size'' is surprisingly big because I like to talk to old people about hockey since I'm 3 years old so the count is quite high for Lafleur among them.I'm not stating an opinion here , just saying what I've heard , now how much weight you want to put into it is your call , i'm just sharing

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