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Originally Posted by EagleBelfour View Post
Except Bobby Orr, Eddie Shore and Red Kelly, I'll agree. But that's why those players are selected later than their offensive input alone are giving. Paul Coffey is the first of those 'rushing defenseman', below average defensively taken (and very deserdly so). He was selected as one of the best 45 players of All-Time, even considering his defensive deficiency, which just show how good he was. I like the pick, I really do! But I can't wrap my head around taking Coffey over the far, far well more rounded defenseman like Robinson, Fetisov and Park.
Below what average? The average of the defensemen taken in the top 40? Ok. Below the average of the league he actually played in? No way.

He was encouraged to play a certain way because that was what the Oilers were built to do.

I can guarantee you every one of those guys was covered for while they rushed. You can't be in two places at once despite the popular notion around here about some players.

I don't care if everyone around here sees Bobby Orr as Jesus (I admit it was close).. rushing defensemen (even Orr) do take risks and get caught sometimes.. that is the nature of the game when you're generating that level of offense from a defenseman.

Is Bobby Orr better defensively than Paul Coffey - absolutely by miles. Is Coffey as bad as everyone says? No. With his speed he was generally able to catch back up even if he was caught.. just like Orr was able to because of his skating.

XXXXXXX was the guy holding the fort for Coffey and even he says that Coffey didn't make it that hard on him. And when you judge the results, I'd have to agree.

The difference between those more well rounded guys and Coffey is that Coffey will make every player around him better moreso than Robinson, Fetisov, Park.

The guy was a genius at transitioning with a long outlet pass or with his speed on a rush.

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