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Originally Posted by EagleBelfour View Post
Taking points away from a guy who miss games because of war is like taking points away from Lemieux because of cancer.
Thing is, even if you optimistically credit Schmidt with his usual 5th-10th-place finishes for those seasons, he's still the weakest offensively of that bunch.

Originally Posted by Leafs Forever View Post

But we already do take points away from Lemieux because of cancer, .

how long do you think Mario had cancer for?

In fact, the year in which he had Cancer is one of his biggest resume-building years. To my knowledge, no one says "well, he only played 60 games that year, not 84" and to GMs like you, it's still a 1st place finish regardless.

Originally Posted by EagleBelfour View Post
-I would say that fighting in a world war for three years takes it's tool on the body just as much as playing hockey
I was gonna ask, "but did he even really fight?" but Sturm answered that one for me.

Originally Posted by DonLuce20 View Post
I saw my handle mentioned in the last draft thread and figured I should say something. Sorry, as I know the draft thread probably isn't the best place.

I have lurked these various drafts for four years now and it has been a real pleasure for certain. Aside from the bond I share with my father over hockey, these drafts have probably grown my love for the game more than anything else.

I know it's just a fun hobby on an internet message board, but you guys are a real service to the game. I sincerely thank you for taking the time to partake in these drafts.
I appreciate that.

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