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Originally Posted by Sturminator View Post
Thank you for acknowledging that. I'm not really sure what you mean by Trottier's "defensive play in the offensive zone". I guess you mean forechecking, in which case, I fully agree with you. In the neutral zone, Coffey broke up loads of plays from behind with his speed. As a forward, he would have been considered absolutely brilliant at neutral zone backchecking, so I'm not sure I agree with you that Trottier was the better defensive player between the bluelines.

Actually, that's not what I'm saying. Although I am a big fan of his, I have Bryan Trottier in the group of centers that includes Nighbor, Sakic, Schmidt and Lalonde, and below the level of Morenz, Clarke and Esposito. Just to put my statements in context. As far as comparing Coffey to Robinson and Fetisov...if I had the choice, I'd take either of the other defensemen when starting my team, not because they were necessarily better in an absolute sense, but because they are much more conventional and easier to build around. Coffey vs. Park, Chelios, Pilote and all of the other "next tier" defensemen...that one's much harder. I think his career and certainly his peak was probably better than that group of guys, but he's still the most difficult of the bunch to properly use from an ATD perspective. We'll see what kind of pieces I am able to put around him.

As far as the Coffey / Cyclone Taylor comparison, we will revisit that discussion, but much later. I have my reasons for wanting to wait.
- You don't need to thank me for acknowledging any of your points. I don't have an agenda for or against anyone. I'm just trying to understand and learn new things. When I'm right, I'm right and when I'm wrong, I'm wrong.

- Yes, forechecking is part of a good defence in the offensive zone. You can also break passes in the offensive zone. My point was more that if you give credit for the offense Coffey bring outside the offensive zone, you have to at least give credit for the defensive play of Trottier outside the defensive zone.

- I actually agree with pretty much everything you say on the 2nd paragraph, and that's pretty much my view on Coffey as well. I think the comment on Trottier threw me off, thinking you would take Coffey in the Mid-20's. But talking of Trottier, I've just been recently convince that he deserve his mid-20's position, and that he was a superior player to Mike Bossy by a good enough margin to have them more than 5 position apart. I'm ready to hear, again, an argument against him. Damn, it's a never ending story!

- Again, looking forward to see a Taylor/Coffey comparison.

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