Thread: Value of: Ilya Bryzgalov to The Flyers
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02-01-2011, 09:12 AM
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Ya know I think this guy from Philly is right. We should move all of our (few game changing players) to philly so we can set our selves up long term. Maybe we could get a fourth round pick for a package of Yandle, Bryz, Doan and Turris.

first of all no matter how much you want it to be untrue we are a contending team this year, hell we finished very nicely last year. We have a shrewd GM, and the collective bargaining agreement was agreed on by a majority of the owners so it is what it is.

Are we going to win the cup this year? problably not. But then again you never know that is why hockey is played on ice, not message boards. And personally I would think that we arent good trading partners with any teams at the moment, unless we are bundling picks and prospects for an impact center or stud shutdown d-man. We are not trading away our neccesary parts unless there is gross overpayment. The type of deal that gets made when GM's think they are 1 peice away from the cup and are willing to make massive overpayment to go over the top. Is Doan availible? well if Pitsburg calls and asks for Doan straight up for Malkin I am sure that GMDM will take Doan out to lunch and beg and plead for him to go be a Pen. Do i see this happening - not ever. The type of deal you would propose would require a gross overpayment of a simalar nature. Phoenix is a 4 sport town that has a lousy football, baseball and basketball team, and we are a town of imports, bandwagon jumpers and winner followers. (not the 10k regular coyotes fans -the other 8k we need to draw nightly to be succesful.) So bottom line is - were not a good match, unless you have a RFA that you have no chance of signing, - then we have Tikanov and a 2nd availible probblably, unless we get a better offer.

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