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02-01-2011, 09:51 AM
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Originally Posted by Tim Vezina Thomas View Post
I love how Bozak is now a 2nd year undrafted player and last year he was on his way to becoming a 2nd line center and a "steal." Comical.

Kessels a 1st line talent worth a mid-late first round pick though, Ill give you that.
Alright, so you're telling me that because he was performing well last year in his rookie season, when no one else had seen him playing before that we were supposed to expect his play to fall off this much? It's alright, I didn't know that players who were performing poorly lose value...

Phaneuf suddenly went from being an elite defenceman to an "overpaid bum" in one season. Vinny is now on apparently an albatross contract because his play his gone down. People were saying that Iginla was done at the beginning of the year before he his play began to heat up. These were proven players, not just sophmores either, yeah it's natural to think we overstated Bozak's ability if he hits a huge slump.

On the flip side, you guys all had boners about Nathan Horton at the beginning of the year, now not so much. Don't try and play this off as something more than it is.

Also, on the Kessel could only get a mid-late first round pick business, let's look at precedent. A rental Hal Gill, Domonic Moore, Matt Cullen, Ales Kotalik, Raffi Torres etc got a 2nd round pick (+ another piece in some cases) at the deadline. Kovalchuk in February at 27ish years old, with rumours that he wanted to test the market and was demanding a 100 mill + contract got a 1st round pick, Top Prospect (Cormier), Rookie Stud at the time (Bergfors) and Top 4 defenseman with a slightly high salary (Oduya).

You're telling me that a 23 year old Kessel which serious break out potential under contract through 2014-2015 at $5.4 would only get a mid to late first? Give your head a shake...

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