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Originally Posted by Drake1588 View Post
Good point. EPL probably gets the most North American attention, but a thread for European league football in general would be welcome. I've never been able to get past the casual/time difference hurdles to following league play for any length of time. World Cup and that's been it.
Well obviously the interweb is great for keeping up with what is going on but yeah actually watching games can be difficult, especially if you are a stickler for not knowing the result before you watch the game. League games are usually on weekends so it is just a matter of remembering that game are on in the morning but European games are mid week around 3 pm east coast time so unless you work from home you definitely need to fire up the DVR. Usually I DVR around 10 games a week between the EPL, Bundesliga, Spanish League, Serie A, and Champions League and once they get into the knock out stages of the Europa League I start watching some of those also if the matchup is interesting.

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